Creating beauty for the journey.

Crest & Vale is made up of my husband and me, inspired by our journeys together through valleys and mountains, ups and downs.
And my husband's beard is what started it.
About 6 years ago, I began to make his beard oil myself, since I wasn't impressed with what I found in stores. He told me I should sell it for years, but it seemed silly to me at the time. Life went on, and I continued creating.
I made little items here and there, to keep my brain young; and my husband built shelves and dressers in his woodshop to offset his demanding, stressful desk job.
Fast forward to spring of 2021.
After months of talking about how unfulfilling his IT job was, and how all we wanted to do was spend more time with the kids (and create beautiful things) we pulled the plug on steady and reliable --- and embraced the unknown. We opened Crest & Vale, making beard oil and shelves our first listings.
Our name is a reflection of embracing the journey -Crest is for the mountain tops, and Vale for the valleys. Life is full of both and you can't choose which you are on, only how you view it.

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